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Student Post: Happy Holi!

When the spring coming, here comes the Holi, one of the three biggest festivals in India, too. It is a festival of love, peace and color! Besides, it is not only popular in India, but in Nepal or people of Indian origin. Recently, it has been world famous, and many tourists go to Indian just for this festival.

圖片6(photo resource: )


Holi in Hindu means “Color” and its name comes from the heartless woman “Holika” She is a sister of a tyrant who doesn’t allow people sacrifice to Vishnu, the preserver (An Indian god), but his son does. He is very angry and demand Holika, his sister to burn his son to dead. She did it, but weirdly, she died and burn into ashes and the prince was safe and sound. After people knew this news, they believed it was the magic of Vishnu. So they spray the water which is mixed seven color powders toward him to congratulate him. And it becomes a traditional and famous festival since then.

Don’t worry about the clothes when you join this festival!


圖片7(Photo resource:


1, Do you know the three biggest festivals in Indian?

2. Will you want to give it a try? If yes or not, why?

3. Do you think this festival is the original form of “Color Run”?


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Student Post: Jurassic World !

Dinosaurs are back to the screen! Few days ago, Universal Studios just released the new trailer! I’m so exciting because I’ve waited for a long time since I watched Jurassic Park series. The movie is named “Jurassic World”, and by new movie technology, the whole movie style becomes more vivid like modern world. In this trailer, people can go to see the dinosaur feeding shows and enjoy the dinosaur world that we’ve dreamed so many years.

Picture22(Photo Source:

Unfortunately, it seems the scientists use new genetic technology to make new kind of dinosaur, but this dinosaur is out of controlled. I think the most interesting part is what kind of new dinosaur they make in this movie? For this reason I’m sure that I will go the theater and figure out! Another reason is that dinosaur chasing actors is always my favorite part. It will be very nervous that you want to know the actor will die or survive.

Picture23(Photo Source:

Here are some reviews of Jurassic Park. Jurassic Park is a science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg. And the original book author is Michael Crichton who also wrote lots of stunning novels. Look at these pictures, T-Rex was out of the electric fence and attacked the Dr. Grant and two kids. I remember that T-rex roared out loudly and you can feel the momentum of its breath. It’s very impressive! And the velociraptors were also remarkable roles in this film, too. They are so intelligent and ferocious that you will never forget.

Picture25(Photo Source: Movie from my DVD)


1. Do you like Jurassic Park?

2. What’s your favorite movie? Could you share about it?

3. Which movie do you want to see now in the theater?


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Student Post: Politics is the art of persuasion

Most people think that a good politics is an important way to let the public know what the government does and to make the public agree their viewpoint. Personally speaking , I agree that politics is the art of persuasion because it is another way to let people convince it. As the election comes around the corner, every candidate put all their effort to gain people’s support. Politics is the most normal way they will use to win the election. Politics is a method to let people understand what the candidate want to do for the public and if they agree with what he or she want to do They will support the candidate whose policy is totally convince them..etc.. So knowing how to formulate good policies is important if you want to persuade people to support you.

Before making policies you should know which group you want to persuade like the age of the target group, what they do, what their genders are……and so on. For example, if you want to make people  agree with you, and there are more old men than young people living in the area, you should think the policy about the senior’s welfare. You should know the demand of the major group so that you can set an appropriate policy to let the most people of the group majority agree with you. That is like giving a speech, you should know who your audience is and what kind of issue they want to listen to. You can’t discuss the society problem with elementary school students because most of them have no interest in what you say, they just want to see you play some interesting tricks to make them feel happy and incredible. You have to know the group you want to earn their trust is composed of what kind of people, and you can use the correct policy to persuade people.

Politics is the art of persuasion, however, how can we use the right way to perform it? You have a good policy but if you perform it in a wrong way, the public couldn’t realize what you want do. It is important to show people what your idea and what you want to do for them in a clear and simple way. You can write some articles or you can deliver a speech. In my opinion, the most effective way to express what you think is making a speech. You can use body language to make your policy more persuasive. Tone and word choice also play a important role in a speech and what kind of word you use in a speech is significant. That can make your speech more vividly and people would have willingness to sit down and listen  to what you want to say. And then you will have a chance to convince them to receive your viewpoint and support you.

Politics is the art of persuasion but you have to know how to make a good policy. After making the policy, you should make it come true. In today’s society, many candidates use their politics to win a confidence vote but after they came in at the election, some of them didn’t walk their talk. That is frustrating. You trust somebody but the one just play on you. It will make anyone unhappy. On the whole, a perfect policy and trying to bring it come true is the most persuasive way to earn the public’s confidence.



1. Do you agree the Politics is the art of persuasion ? Why ?

2.  In your opinion , what kinds of Politics do you like ?

3. If you are the candidate ,how do you persuade the voter to support you ?


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Student Post: The Outdoor Education

Have you ever been to Torako? It’s the most beautiful place in taiwan. I’ve never been there before collage. The outdoor education class is one of our calss necessry. At the first we feel not easy in the class. We have to learn how to live at the wild. But after few classes later . We feel cool of the outdoor activeties. The mountain climbing , boating , and we also camp in the Torako .


The water is clean and cold. We always walk hours to the destination. We camp in the nature and sleep in the tent . Though we camp the differant place each calss,but the Torako is still my favorate.


Not like the class under the roof , we are likely to know ourselves again, we learn much skills that we don’t understand. We do the things we thought we cant do .The class make us stronger. The spacial expiriance is awesome. We always have surprice in every class. And it a meanful place for me an d my classmate. I remanber once we camp beside the shore , and the ocean being to get the high tide, and out tent was float on the wave ! It might be a little dangerous but we laugh all the night , cause it’s a spacial memory


Though I can’t go to Torako often , but I still love the class and the view in Torako

How can you not love hwalian?


1. Have you ever been to Torako? What did you do there?

2. Do you like the outdoor activities? Which is your favorate?

3. Talk about a place you want to go , and what would you want to do at there?


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Student Post: Taipei Zoo- Ecological Bird Park

Taipei Zoo presumably that we went in the child with family outing tourist attractions, even me too. Since graduating from elementary school, I never go to zoo. I never thought I had the opportunity to visit this place once again in this summer with my family, and I feel both happy and nostalgic. In my child, zoo’s superstar was koalas and king penguins. But now, it is panda dominating. Just a few years ago kitten panda – Yuan Zai was born, so customers are almost used to line up to see him. Although I also came to see him, I accidentally discovered a new zone- Ecological Bird Park. It does not exist when I was a kid. I was very excited to see it, because I really like birds. Surely, it must be unfamiliar to you in this zone, and that below I am going to introduce to you:

Ecological Bird Park is basically a range of both broad and tall cage. Double curtain blocking the entrance is to avoid the birds escape. Inside space designs to grow abundant plants and try to simulate the complex natural wild environment, tall trees, dwarf shrubs and also has arranged a pond. Stocking many different birds in this zone, according to their habits to make them suitable for this area and seek their lives. Around the world, the larger zoo or bird park have this design, so that visitors can observe birds living in a more natural environment. Of course, birds of prey are excluded, otherwise little birds inside with them will be eaten!

Picture8This is “Scarlet Ibis”. It’s red body is quite eye-catching in green background.

Picture9This is “Caloenas nicobarica”.It was totally unafraid of humans to eat feed right in front of me.

Picture10There is also attracting a lot of professional photographers and birdwatching enthusiasts take pictures here.

Birds can not squatted in front of you that you can see them. So slow down your footsteps, looking the trees, the sky and looking to the bottom of the water or shrub. You will find another wide and free world!


1. Did you go to Taipei Zoo when you were a child?

2. Do you like birds?

3. If you like birds,then did you have any experience of birdwatching before?


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Today is a sunny day! But my brother and my sisters weren’t at home. So I decided to walk my dog, Little Man Tal, to “Tongxin Park”, which is a famous park in Yun-Lin county.

Picture4(My dog “Little Man Tal”小饅頭)


It’s in the Huwei Sugar Factory and near Huwei Sugar Factory Iron Bridge. If we go to there on weekend, it would be crowded. Fortunately, there are just a few tourists today. I thought that I can take off my dog’s rope. When he got free, he run here, run there and over there. And then, run disappeared!!

Oh! Where is my honey dog?! I asked a passenger that have he ever seen a Chihuahua. He said ” Oh, yes! Playing with a baby over there! ” I saw Man Tal play with a lovely baby. That moment is nice and wonderful~

The little baby wasn’t afraid of Mon Tal. In contrast, she liked him! But it’s time to go home. After said goodbye to baby and her grandma, we started our way home. On our way home, we went through Huwei Sugar Factory Iron Bridge. So I took some pictures with Man Tal. Sunset in there is really beautiful. And we also have a pretty good day in addition to missing note of Man Tal!





1. Have you ever pet a dog? Would you walk the dog to somewhere special?

2. Have you ever been to Yun-Lin county?

3. Do you know Huwei Sugar Factory is the only still in operation of Taiwan’s sugar factory?


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