Student Post: Talking  about  the  “Linsanity”

When I first time watching an NBA game, I loved the strength and beauty immediately.  Every powerful dunk, each excellent 3pointer, were made by a lot of training.  In the past, people always thought about that Yellow people won’t have the chance to play such a high level basketball, but after Yao Ming, a 226cm big fellow, successfully enter NBA and had a great achievement, we Asian knew that play in the NBA will not just a dream anymore.  Feb,5,2012, a Taiwanese named Jeremy Lin, was substituted as a point guard, played an excellent ball game, made me very excited.

Before this game, Jeremy was released three times by three NBA teams, finally he was signed by New York Knicks. At the time being the main players injured, Jeremy was still a bench player, and the Knicks still in a losing streak. At that time, the head coach Mike D’antoni decided to allow Jeremy to get out of the bench.  Because of that decision, Linsanity official swept the whole world.

When we talking about Lin’s performance on the court, the media maybe exaggerated.  However, for Jeremy Lin, he always felt he was just an ordinary person, and faith, family, and basketball were always the most important three things for his life.  Humble personality is why Lin was so welcomed by the fans, in the NBA, there were few players could be such a low-key acting style like him.  That’s the reason why Jeremy Lin could be so successful.

In many times, people always looking forward to a chance, even with the efforts of seven, still want to have one-third of luck blessing.  Jeremy’s story is a very good example, it tells us that  when the opportunity comes, not only to catch it, but also clenched it.  Hopefully he can keep his faith and always improve himself, makes he become a better NBA players!!


1. Do you like to watch NBA games? If you do, which player is your favorite player?

2. After reading Lisanity, do you like Jeremy Lin? Why?

3. How will you hold a good opportunity?



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Student Post: To be a volunteer

Have you ever done something super cool? Or have you tried to go on an adventure? What do you think about adventure? I think that is going to unknown places and handle everything by yourself, finally dare to change. Last summer, I was a volunteer to teach children English in Cambodia for 42 days. It’s tough for me because my English is not well and I never go abroad before, but I just want to leave safe place then I made it.


          (Photo by my camera—Angkor Wat )

Everything happened there totally change me. Even if their environment is so poor and people is not rich, everyday they have a big smile and still word hard in their life. On account of their spirit, let me know how welfare I am and how to cherish.  Cambodian educational environment is not good but student still study hard and everyone has a big dream in their future. Though they have innocent and shining eyes, actually they are strong inside their heart.


(Photo by my camera)

Here is a story about this boy that has an impact on me. One day I found he sat in the corner alone when children were playing the game together. I went to him and I was surprised because he put his hand to his mouth with crying face. I knew he must have a toothache but he didn’t tell anybody just chose a way that he cared his pain by himself. At then, I understand he don’t believe anyone can help him because he didn’t have the moment that his parents can care of him when he was suffered since he was born. He just can wait for the pain is disappeared and dries his tear then show up in front of you with big smile again.

Picture3    (Photo by my camera—Danny)

So far, I still remember his face and tears. His story teaches me that no matter awful hardship I have, I must take a strong heart to face and solve it. I am thankful for the thing that makes me change by a 7years old little boy.

Are you ready to change? Get some fresh breath form unknown places.


1. Have you ever been a volunteer?

2. Do you want to be a volunteer in our country or go aboard? Why or why not?

3. What do think about the story I shared? Does it inspire you?

4. Can you talk about some event that have ever inspired you?


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Student Post: The Best Reunite Moment

Have you ever had the experience of being a part with your family? It is probably hard for some people to imagine how the life is when your dad or mom, your brothers or sisters and someone you care about going somewhere far away and dangerous while the only time you can meet is on the Skype.

The following video is talking about American soldiers going home secretly in order to surprise their family members. The most touching moment in the video is when people saw the person they have missed for a long time appeared in front of them in person and everyone go up to he or she to tell them how much they miss and love each other with a big hug. Especially when seeing a daughter cried when they met their daddy. Perhaps I am a daughter of a soldier so I know exactly how they feel and how excited and pleased that daddy finally come home.

It is lucky and you should be appreciate that you never have to experience being a part with your family. Whether you do or do not, every single person should cherish the time you have with your family and your friends. Do not let yourself being regretful when someone really left you to somewhere else.

Love is the most miracle thing in the whole Universe and I believe all the touching parts in the video are based on “Love”.

Hope that when you finish this video, you would call your parents , brother , sisters or your friends to let them know how much you love them . Don’t hesitate to show your love!

Enjoy the video!


1.Have you ever had the experience being a part from your family?

2.If one day , you come to the situation that the person you love has to go on a war or somewhere dangerous ,what will you do ?

3.Can you think of any better way for those who have to stay far away from their family , allow them to get in touch with their family more often?



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Student Post: Taiwanese Opera

Taiwanese Opera is originated in the beginning of the 20th century in Ilan, one of the most prosperous traditional Taiwanese folk opera, is also representative of traditional performing arts.It is based on classical Chinese poetry, classical Chinese language and Hokkien (Taiwanese accent, Zhangzhou cavity)-based drama.Most of the early performances content is to let the public contact with elegant vocabulary or filial piety and righteousness story. It is one of the major entertainment events of early agricultural society, but also the number of people on behalf of Taiwan culture.

After the change of the times it had once been suppressed, marginalized.In the modern,it performances content increasingly been  rich, diverse, sophisticated, and now there were many more renowned domestic and foreign well-known troupe and important literary inheritors.In 2009, the Taiwanese opera was awarded as an important class of Taiwan’s traditional arts and cultural assets.

Today I want to introduce one of my favorite actresses,Yang Li-hua.Her performances, mostly disguised as a man. This is not only her performance characteristics, but also the characteristics of Taiwanese Opera.In 1961, in “Lu Wenlong,”(陸文龍) a drama popular in Taiwan. She also get the title as “Taiwanese opera first niche” in the name.


1. Have you ever seen the Taiwanese opera ?If you have,which drama do you like ?

2. Do you have favorite actor?

3. Have you ever seen the scene of Taiwanese opera performances?

4. Have you ever played Taiwanese opera background music instrument?


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Student Post: What Can We Learn from the Sunflower Movement?  

On March 30th , 2014, citizens of Taiwan (politically, the Republic of China) took to the street and voiced out loud, demanding the Ma government to unwrap the “black box” and give the democratic process back. It’s estimated 500,000 people attended the rally. It’s rare to see Taiwanese so angry about politics before the legislator approved the trade pact (Cross-Strait Agreement on Trade in Service) within only 30 seconds.

According to my own observation, most of my friends and classmates seldom paid attention to social or political issues in their spare time. However, this time I saw many more people, especially students, sit in outside the parliament and eagerly shared news report about this issue or posted their own opinions on social websites, in their blogs. Besides discussions on the Internet, they also held forums and invited professors to talk about the trade pact at the campus.

They became aware of how importantly politics affect our everyday life. We citizens learned the lesson that government can be corrupted if we don’t care about policies made. Students applied their specialties to draw pictures, compose music, or make documentaries in support of the Sunflower Movement, and that helped fast spread out globally the SOS from Taiwan.

From the Sunflower Movement, I saw Taiwanese people show tremendous solidarity to fight against the injustice. As everyone devotes himself/ herself to the society and mutually create benefits, we can have more opportunities and rights to decide what kind of life we’d like to live.

Don’t be indifferent. Each of us can make our social life a better difference.


Thousands of Taiwanese protest China pact (Al Jazeera English):

(Al Jazeera English) The Stream – Taiwan’s ‘sunflower movement’ wary of Chinese ties (36:06):


1. (If you did participate in the Sunflower Movement) Before the Sunflower Movement, have you ever attended an activity like this before? Or, it is your first time taking to the street? (optional)

2. Did you attend the protest outside the Legislative Yuan? Share what you saw and felt there with us!

3. What do you think about the matter of “democracy”?

4. Does the Sunflower movement change your attitudes towards politics?

5. Would you keep track of other social political issues as well afterwards (at a later of future time)?



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Student Post: A Cappella: It’s Aca-Awesome!

A cappella, which means vocal music without any instruments, and it has become popular nowadays. The origin of a cappella can be traced back to the Middle Ages. In that time, it was used in religious music because it was believed that the only instrument created by God is “Vocal.” The only a cappella singing in church was “Gregorian Chant” then. However, due to the screening of the movie “Pitch Perfect,” a cappella has becoming attention-getting. Today I’m going to introduce something related to this amazing singing type.

Pitch Perfect (2012):

Ii is an American musical romantic comedy film. The movie is about the story of a female a cappella group become champion of the national competition. As the soundtrack was released, the songs from the album soon became very popular. Here is a very impressive performance scene from the movie.

Pitch Perfect Movie CLIP – “Just The Way You Are” Remix:

Mike Tompkins:

Mike Tompkins started beatboxing at the age of eight. Then he kept practicing and enhancing his singing. He graduated with the vocal music award from high school and continued to study at the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology (OIART). Then he graduated with a diploma in music production, receiving some awards. He even made an a cappella mashup of Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift’s songs. When I first watched this video, I was still in awe after I watched it. It is just amazing!

Taylor Swift & Justin Bieber – Mike Tompkins A Cappella Mashup:


Pentatonix is an American a cappella group of five members. They attended the third season of The Sing-Off and won the champion. (The Sing-Off is a special American television singing competition with a cappella groups.) Here is their amazing cover of Lorde’s “Royals.”

[Official Video] Royals – Pentatonix (Lorde Cover):



1. How do you feel about the three videos? Which one do you like the most? Why?

2. Do you prefer to be just a singer or a vocalist of an a cappella group?

3. If you were a member of an A cappella group, which position you would like to take, the lead vocalist or a beat boxer?


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Student Post: Couch Surfing

Have you ever thought about traveling abroad but worried that you don’t have much money? Do you want to know the local culture more deeply when you travel? Well,here’s a special way: Couchsurfing !


What’s “Couchsurfing”? It’s a non-profit global network,which have 7 million member all over the world, aiming at helping travelers build connections with the locals. To put it simply , when you travel in a country , you can find a place to stay ; when a foreigner come to your country, you can be a host to share your home and hometown with travelers.

On this website , you can see every members’ profile. The profie contains your basic information , your lifestyle and your preferences … etc. Also, you can tell people if you’re looking for a host or you’d like to be one. If you want to connect with people, you’d better have a complete profile!

Belows are some introductions about couchsurfing


Some people might concern about the safety. There are many “trust and safety Q&A” on the website,including what we should do when ecoounter any emergency or accident. Guidelines about how to choose a host/travelers can also be found on youtube.

Couchsurfing is not for everybody. Its slogan is ” Share your life ”.It’s not just about finding a place to sleep and having dinner for free. If you’re not ready to share your life, you might not like this. For me , when I’m planning to travel abroad , I will use Couchsurfing as intermedia rather than through travel agencies , because this way I can save a lot of money and, furthermore, have the special experience that money cannot buy.


1. Will you try to use Couchsurfing to surf or to host in the future? Why?

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages about traveling by travel agengies or joining a travel group?

3. Do you prefer traveling by yourself or by group? Why?

4. Do you have any bad experience during you trip?


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