Student Post: Volleyball

Volleyball is a very exciting sport.Whether a powerful spike or a beautiful recovery or a smart set can make a game very wonderful. Volleyball team is make up with six players.There are often one setter,one libero,two spikers,and two middle hitters. Libero is responsible for recovery most of the ball, and setter have to decide where should he set up the ball,and spikers have to give his enemy a big spike to get the point.

Our national players like 劉鴻杰 and 劉鴻敏.The twins became superstar when they get the championship in the high school volleyball match.
One of the most famous volleyball player Giba is form Brazil.He used to serve as captain of the Brazilian volleyball team.He is known for his power of spike and his recovery.

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1.Do you like volleyball? Why or why not?
2.What’s your favorite sport? Why?
3.Who’s your favorite sport player?


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Student Post: School life

Hello everyone! How is your day in National Dong Haw University. After high school General Scholastic Ability Test and University Entrance Examination. You must be very excited to participate in the college life. In high school, you must follow the school schedule. You need to wake up early to catch the early train or bus. You spend most of the time on studying homework. Maybe you had join some fun club, but you can’t very focus on it. Why? Because you need to study your homework. After school, you need to join some crime school. You were studying all the time because you want to get into a good college. After that, you are a fresh man in the university. You can plan your own schedule. You can sleep late because you don’t have class. You can choose what food you what to eat in lunch. You can join a lot of club, if you have time. Do whatever you what. This is your own life, you only have 4 years to enjoy your college life. Therefore, share your idea and future expectation.


1. How do you feel about the college life

2. Do you have any plan in your 4 years college

3. Share about your hardworking when prepare General Scholastic Ability Test and University Entrance Examination


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Student Post: The power of the music

What kinds of music do you prefer? There are kinds of music in this glorious world prevailing. Some of them may correspond to our mind and stir up the sympathetic response suddenly, and the others may encourage us during feeling frustration.

For example, when I feel things are all in a mess and don’t know how to do, I just play the lyrical music in order to take a relaxation.In an other case, I will study hardly with the music played loudly as I can enjoy myself in that kind of environment.For me,as soon as I hear the dancing music, I would like to follow the tempo to dance locking involuntarily.

Sometimes, listen to the music, you will find that music can easily express your mind in many time. When a touching song describing like some warm-hearted experiences in your life, maybe you cannot but to weep or cry aloud; when a inspiring music appearing during the time you need some couragements, you will feel full of energy again and you can keep on with confidence.

No wonder that people play instruments to product music,the power of music does make the sound of this world more pleasant to listen to. =D


1. What kinds of music do you often listen to?(eg: soft or rock)

2. Have you ever hear a song that touch you a lot? And what’s the name?

3. recommend a song you like to share with everyone. ^^


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Student Post: The best singer in my heart

Yoga Lin is my favorite singer. He came from a talent show”One Million Star”. In there, the competitors must pass the every competes. Finally, just a person can gain a champion. Yoga won this compete in the end and got many good comments from the show.

He is famous for his fantastic voice. At first, he couldn’t adapt to the environment of the entertainment field. He felt he was not happy and thought the music was not he wanted to do. But in the time, he was still nominated by the Golden Melody Awards.

After years, he found his own way step by step and tried to do it on this way. He recovered his passion on the music. In this period, he promoted his abilities on music. He learned many musical instruments. For example, the guitar, the piano and etc. In addition, he engaged in composing. For his music, he tried to do anything.

In this seven years, he released five albums and an EP by himself. He held two concerts in those years. I see his changes in this time. I still love his songs whatever he comfort any predicaments. He has his attitude to everything. By his voice, we can feel his attitude for music, life and performance. I think there are many unique attractiveness on everyone. For me, Yoga is the best singer in my heart.


1. Who is your favorite singer or actor in your heart?

2. Why do you love him/ her?

3. Can you simply introduce him/her?

4. Which arts of him/her you love it? And why?


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Student Post: Leisurely afternoon

You stay in the room, pointer refers to 2 o’clock pm. Your roommate have lesson all day and your best buddies go to find the lover. How should you do in this boring afternoon?  Fenglin is your nice choice.

If you used to the travel between Liyutan, Cloud Landscape and Hualien downtown every holidays. Just riding your motorcycles along the Taiwan nine after thirty minutes, you can see the Fenglin city.

You can find a lot of delicious food in there, like stinky tofu and pancakes! Fenglin leek stinky tofu was famous but you also can’t forget the pancakes opposite it. However you say ride motorcycles thirty minutes make you feel thirsty. No problem! There have tasty lemon juice and ice cream, too! Finally, you feeling satisfy and you want take something back to your ungrateful friend. One store open for a long time selling like peanuts candy and many taste peanut, mustard, garlic, spicy…etc. It’s your best choice.

When you come back it’s almost 5 o’clock, you can see the sunset at Taiwan nine. You ride motorcycles just like you are the mustang run quickly at Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. What beautiful landscape and relaxation way back. Along with the wind blowing every annoying disappear. If you have interesting, I wish you can enjoy the trip.


1.If you have time would you come to Fenglin? Why or why not?

2.Which food most attracted you?

3.Which place you want introduce to us?

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Student Post: The most important thing in my life

I would like to share with you, about the most important thing in my life- my religion. I was born in a Christian family. However, I don’t really understand Christianity. Many elders tell me how good this religion is, and how they are helped by God in many ways. Still, I didn’t believe, because I can’t see how Christianity helps. I used to be very self-directed, looking for all kind of goods to make myself happy, but that kind of happiness just won’t last long and they can’t satisfy me.

My parents asked me to attend church services when studying in Dong Hwa University. Therefore, I joined “Manna fellowship”. At first, it was fun joining them in Manna, because they always play around in Hualien. However, after a period of time, I found the seniors in my fellowship that they are extremely faithful and faithful with this religion. This made me start thinking about the significance of Christianity. I want and I tried to understand and experience Christianity. Thank God, I was given an opportunity to I join a Christianity camp. The teacher in the camp made me reflect myself, to ask for God’s forgiveness as I have neglected for God’s commands to us and didn’t take this religion seriously. I asked God for help thereafter. Thankfully, after the camp, I realized, Christianity is all about love. God loves me and offers a wonderful plan for my life.

But why didn’t I experience that? I think that is because I didn’t trust Him enough and I didn’t rely on Him. According to Bible, this is sin. Until now, I deeply know that, I am a sinner.

But what can I do? I can’t possibly reach God’s standard. That’s why, Jesus came to this world, and help us to rebuilt our relationship with God. And He became the bridge, making the connection between God and us.

Finally, I accept Jesus in my life, and I know Him will guide me the unknown future, and face my problem in my life. I find after that I have many changes.

Above are two circles, representing two kinds of life. I chose the live out a Christ- centered life. How about you?

In this religion, I learnt about how to love, everything is possible through God, and also understanding the plan of my future from God. He has changed my personality from the easily offended guy to gentle guy, more forgiving, and He let me know my life should not be self-directed! Lastly, I would like to share a short video clip with you.


1. What is the most important in you life?

2. What is the purpose of living?

3. Do you want to know more about Christianity? Why?



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Student Post: How our family important to us!

As a student study outside , how often do you contact with your families? And what the reason you call a phone or leave a message to your families ?

Somebody just call their parents for the shortage of money, without asking their life, concerning about their bodies or sharing something fun  in university, they complain about their homework, teacher, even their families. Somebody call their families because of missing the life with their family, worrying the health of their families or just want to listening some voice from his or her families.

In my opinion, my family is the very important part in my life. Sometimes, I am busy in my club or want to enjoy my own time, but I must leave some time to chat with my family. I think it is one of resource of my energy in my daily life. Family is someone who will always support even anyone who doesn’t think that you are right. Family is someone who love you in your own life. Family is very important to all of us.


1. Do you keep a contact with your families? How often about it?

2. Do you ever do anything special for your family?

3. Eating meals with family is more difficult as we get older, do you think it is right?


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