Student Post: Taiwanese Opera

Taiwanese Opera is originated in the beginning of the 20th century in Ilan, one of the most prosperous traditional Taiwanese folk opera, is also representative of traditional performing arts.It is based on classical Chinese poetry, classical Chinese language and Hokkien (Taiwanese accent, Zhangzhou cavity)-based drama.Most of the early performances content is to let the public contact with elegant vocabulary or filial piety and righteousness story. It is one of the major entertainment events of early agricultural society, but also the number of people on behalf of Taiwan culture.

After the change of the times it had once been suppressed, marginalized.In the modern,it performances content increasingly been  rich, diverse, sophisticated, and now there were many more renowned domestic and foreign well-known troupe and important literary inheritors.In 2009, the Taiwanese opera was awarded as an important class of Taiwan’s traditional arts and cultural assets.

Today I want to introduce one of my favorite actresses,Yang Li-hua.Her performances, mostly disguised as a man. This is not only her performance characteristics, but also the characteristics of Taiwanese Opera.In 1961, in “Lu Wenlong,”(陸文龍) a drama popular in Taiwan. She also get the title as “Taiwanese opera first niche” in the name.


1. Have you ever seen the Taiwanese opera ?If you have,which drama do you like ?

2. Do you have favorite actor?

3. Have you ever seen the scene of Taiwanese opera performances?

4. Have you ever played Taiwanese opera background music instrument?


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Student Post: What Can We Learn from the Sunflower Movement?  

On March 30th , 2014, citizens of Taiwan (politically, the Republic of China) took to the street and voiced out loud, demanding the Ma government to unwrap the “black box” and give the democratic process back. It’s estimated 500,000 people attended the rally. It’s rare to see Taiwanese so angry about politics before the legislator approved the trade pact (Cross-Strait Agreement on Trade in Service) within only 30 seconds.

According to my own observation, most of my friends and classmates seldom paid attention to social or political issues in their spare time. However, this time I saw many more people, especially students, sit in outside the parliament and eagerly shared news report about this issue or posted their own opinions on social websites, in their blogs. Besides discussions on the Internet, they also held forums and invited professors to talk about the trade pact at the campus.

They became aware of how importantly politics affect our everyday life. We citizens learned the lesson that government can be corrupted if we don’t care about policies made. Students applied their specialties to draw pictures, compose music, or make documentaries in support of the Sunflower Movement, and that helped fast spread out globally the SOS from Taiwan.

From the Sunflower Movement, I saw Taiwanese people show tremendous solidarity to fight against the injustice. As everyone devotes himself/ herself to the society and mutually create benefits, we can have more opportunities and rights to decide what kind of life we’d like to live.

Don’t be indifferent. Each of us can make our social life a better difference.


Thousands of Taiwanese protest China pact (Al Jazeera English):

(Al Jazeera English) The Stream – Taiwan’s ‘sunflower movement’ wary of Chinese ties (36:06):


1. (If you did participate in the Sunflower Movement) Before the Sunflower Movement, have you ever attended an activity like this before? Or, it is your first time taking to the street? (optional)

2. Did you attend the protest outside the Legislative Yuan? Share what you saw and felt there with us!

3. What do you think about the matter of “democracy”?

4. Does the Sunflower movement change your attitudes towards politics?

5. Would you keep track of other social political issues as well afterwards (at a later of future time)?



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Student Post: A Cappella: It’s Aca-Awesome!

A cappella, which means vocal music without any instruments, and it has become popular nowadays. The origin of a cappella can be traced back to the Middle Ages. In that time, it was used in religious music because it was believed that the only instrument created by God is “Vocal.” The only a cappella singing in church was “Gregorian Chant” then. However, due to the screening of the movie “Pitch Perfect,” a cappella has becoming attention-getting. Today I’m going to introduce something related to this amazing singing type.

Pitch Perfect (2012):

Ii is an American musical romantic comedy film. The movie is about the story of a female a cappella group become champion of the national competition. As the soundtrack was released, the songs from the album soon became very popular. Here is a very impressive performance scene from the movie.

Pitch Perfect Movie CLIP – “Just The Way You Are” Remix:

Mike Tompkins:

Mike Tompkins started beatboxing at the age of eight. Then he kept practicing and enhancing his singing. He graduated with the vocal music award from high school and continued to study at the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology (OIART). Then he graduated with a diploma in music production, receiving some awards. He even made an a cappella mashup of Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift’s songs. When I first watched this video, I was still in awe after I watched it. It is just amazing!

Taylor Swift & Justin Bieber – Mike Tompkins A Cappella Mashup:


Pentatonix is an American a cappella group of five members. They attended the third season of The Sing-Off and won the champion. (The Sing-Off is a special American television singing competition with a cappella groups.) Here is their amazing cover of Lorde’s “Royals.”

[Official Video] Royals – Pentatonix (Lorde Cover):



1. How do you feel about the three videos? Which one do you like the most? Why?

2. Do you prefer to be just a singer or a vocalist of an a cappella group?

3. If you were a member of an A cappella group, which position you would like to take, the lead vocalist or a beat boxer?


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Student Post: Couch Surfing

Have you ever thought about traveling abroad but worried that you don’t have much money? Do you want to know the local culture more deeply when you travel? Well,here’s a special way: Couchsurfing !


What’s “Couchsurfing”? It’s a non-profit global network,which have 7 million member all over the world, aiming at helping travelers build connections with the locals. To put it simply , when you travel in a country , you can find a place to stay ; when a foreigner come to your country, you can be a host to share your home and hometown with travelers.

On this website , you can see every members’ profile. The profie contains your basic information , your lifestyle and your preferences … etc. Also, you can tell people if you’re looking for a host or you’d like to be one. If you want to connect with people, you’d better have a complete profile!

Belows are some introductions about couchsurfing


Some people might concern about the safety. There are many “trust and safety Q&A” on the website,including what we should do when ecoounter any emergency or accident. Guidelines about how to choose a host/travelers can also be found on youtube.

Couchsurfing is not for everybody. Its slogan is ” Share your life ”.It’s not just about finding a place to sleep and having dinner for free. If you’re not ready to share your life, you might not like this. For me , when I’m planning to travel abroad , I will use Couchsurfing as intermedia rather than through travel agencies , because this way I can save a lot of money and, furthermore, have the special experience that money cannot buy.


1. Will you try to use Couchsurfing to surf or to host in the future? Why?

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages about traveling by travel agengies or joining a travel group?

3. Do you prefer traveling by yourself or by group? Why?

4. Do you have any bad experience during you trip?


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Student Post: Flash Mob

Have you ever seen a group of people started to sing by one another in a sudden or started to dance in the same time in public and then vanished in the crowd again when the song or the dance was done? This surprising act is called Flash mob.

The performance is planned in advance in general, the participants gathered secretly together to make a plan, sometimes the participants are all strangers, they are asked to join the act on the Internet.

The feature of flash mod is the quantity, it is in need of a lot of participants as many as possible to join the act. The more people there are, the more powerful the act is.

The intention of the act could be anything, the most common purpose for flash mob is to advertise something, for instance if there is an exhibition or a show coming soon, and they want to make a strong impression to let people know, so they plan a flash mob for it.

The intention of flash mob sometimes can be meaningful, for example it was made for encouraging people to do something morally or environmentally.

The flash mod sometimes is considered as a performance art too, and of course, sometimes it is only made for fun.



1. In what way of flash mod you would like to do?

2. As a passersby would you join the flash mod when they are performing the act that you are familiar of?

3. Which place do you think is the best place to perform a flash mob?

4. Do you think a flash mod is in need to be applied in advanced?

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Student Post: Cartoon in childhood

Speaking of childhood memories, what everyone’s cartoon is it?

Doraemon(ドラえもん),this cartoon should be most people’s childhood memories. It’s also my childhood memories. Let us look at some background about this cartoon. A machine cat from 22th century, by the original owner ShixiuNobi(セワシ)entrust, back to the 20th century to help ShixiuNobi’sgrandfather Nobita Nobi(野比のび太).

Nobita, this role is defined as an ordinary student around the parents, teachers and classmates. Besides, Nobita is not good at sport and study. He always got the poor academic performance. On average, every five exams one is zero. Due to the Nobita’s loser characteristics, affected the future life and performance of offspring. As a result, in order to make the situation improve, Nobita’s grandson ShixiuNobi come from the 22 century with Doraemon to help Nobita. Through Doraemon’s future mysterious props to help Nobita, and the story begins.

I still remembered when I was seeing Doraemon.His pocket is full of incredible and amazing props. And each prop are so useful. It makes me so envious that I were have one prop of them can be satisfied. Of course that the props also give Nobita a lot of help and benefits in life, such in studies, athletics, family, friendship and love. All of above are what we needs, so I can’t help myself watching Doraemon.

After all, we are not perfect, there is always frustrated in school and life. So if I were have the Doraemon I could reach many things which previous can’t be done. This cartoon let my childhood was full of infinite imagination and expectation. Besides Doraemon is not only a good friend, but he is a good teacher in life. Most important is he can do anything for your requests. Although this is just a cartoon, but it stimulates our infinite imagination, meet our emptiness. I think this is good cartoon for children.



1. Have you watched Doraemon before, do you like it?

2. In the treasure pocket, what is your favorite prop?

3. If you can own a prop of treasure pocket, which one will you choose? And how will you use it?


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Student Post: Full happy family  

When I saw this video, I felt so touching because I would cry what if I saw it few years ago. I divorced with 3 kids for many years. Before that I never thought my family would break. I always think that a happy family is a main reason that children could live happily. I felt so guilty for my children and tried so hard to make up with my ex-husband. But as everybody knows the chance to make my family full is usually almost zero.

I didn’t want my three children in such heart-broken situation but it just happened. I tried so hard to struggle from divorce. The most unbearable thing was not my ex-husband leaving but my children have no father who could accompany with them to grow up. My two boys have no dad to teach them how to be a man.

Time is the best medicine to cure pain. My three children grew up with confidence and happiness. It is not easy but we make it. They could realize that something in our life would not always be perfect. Now we live a happy life and I would say my family is full and wonderful.

Check out this link for a video.


1, What kind of thing do you cherish most?

2. Do you know how to love your family

3. What do you think about “happiness” ?

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