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Welcome to my blog!  This blog is specifically designed for students at National Dong Hwa University to encourage online interaction and communication in English.  Check in often for updates, and remember to leave comments to join the discussion!  I will write posts for the first few weeks of the semester and then I will open up the blog for student posts.  If you would like to write a post for this blog please click on the ‘Blog Posts’ tab at the top of this page for more information.

Have fun reading about some interesting topics, and enjoy commenting and chatting with others! :)

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Popular Song Title – Safe and Sound

I suppose it isn’t surprising that many songs are entitled ‘Safe and Sound’ because it is only natural for people to want to feel that they are comfortable and taken care of by someone or something.  Check out the music videos below then vote for your favourite ‘Safe and Sound’ song in the comments.

Safe and Sound – Taylor Swift

Safe and Sound – Capital Cities



1. Which ‘Safe and Sound’ song was your favourite?

2. Can you think of any other popular song titles that are used by many different bands?

3. What place in the world do you feel the most ‘safe and sound’?

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Learning English


Sometimes you can describe your feelings towards learning English as a ‘Love/Hate Relationship’…some days you love it (like when you have a good chat with a stranger in English while travelling) and some days you hate it (like when you are nervous during a presentation and just can’t seem to say anything right!).  No matter what, you will always have good days and bad days with English, but just remember even if it doesn’t seem like you are getting better – you are!

Now I know all of you have been learning English for a long time, and some of you love it and some of you hate it. No matter your perspective, I hope that this semester will be fun and useful for you. I want you all to relax and feel free to make mistakes and to ask questions – don’t be shy!  :)

Here is a silly video to illustrate the importance of learning another language – you never know when you will need it!



1. What is you favourite/least favourite thing about learning English?

2. Have you ever made a funny mistake when you were speaking English?

3. What subject/topic do you wish was taught in English class?

4. If you could learn a language other that English, what language would you want to learn?

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Summer Vacation


(Photo Source:

Well I am sure you missed studying and speaking English over the holidays…and I am sure you are so excited to be back in class…right? :) Please chat about your vacation in the comments with others.  Use the questions below to help start your conversation.


1. What was the best thing about your vacation?

2. What was the worst thing about your vacation?

3. Do you think having two months off school is good, or would you prefer more frequent shorter vacations?

4. Did you have a job this summer?

5. What’s your favourite thing about coming back to school in the fall? For example: Seeing friends? Back to school shopping? Attending Crystal’s class? :)

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