Student Post: Bossa Nova

Have you ever heard of a kind of music called bossa nova before? Have you ever heard of Ono Lisa, Olivia Ong? Let me introduce what bossa nova is.

Bossa nova is a kind of Brazilian music, it was originally developed in Rio de Janeiro Brazil around 1950-60s, the word ‘Bossa Nova’ means ‘new trend’ , Bossa nova music is a fusion of jazz and samba. It is mainly sing in Portuguese since the official language of Brazil is Portuguese .Nowadays, Bossa nova is being sung in different lanuages like English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French etc.


Antonio Carlos Jobim (source: )

The musical instruments played in bossa nova music mainly include classical guitar, piano, percussion, strings for bass. Classical guitar is a kind of guitar using nylon guitar strings and it usually played with fingers rather than using picks, the feeling of playing a classical guitar is more relaxing than using steel string guitars. The rhythm of bossa nova usually create a lazy and relaxing feeling, sometimes exciting when the rhythm is fast.


A CD cover of Bossa nova music (source:


Here are some of the famous songs of Bossa nova :

Girl from Ipanema (Garota De Ipanema)

So danco Samba (I dance for Samba)

Samba de Verao (Summer Samba, so nice)

Wave (Vou Te Contar)

Chega De Saudade


Agua de Beber

Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz: The Girl From Ipanema- 1964

Summer samba (samba de verao)

Girl from Ipanema Ono Lisa

Some of the famous artists of bossa nova:

Antonio Carlos Jobim (father of Bossa nova)

Joao Gilberto

Ono Lisa

Olivia Ong

Astrud Gilberto

Stan Getz

Bebel Gilberto

Joao Bosco

Elaine Elias


Hope you enjoy these beautiful relaxing music!


1. Have you heard of these songs and artists before? How do you feel when you listen to this kind of music?

2. Where can you listen to this kind of music?

3. What kind of music do you like?

4. Which artists do you like?

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Student Post: A Special Experience

I participate in sign language club in this semester. In first class of club made me have another perspective about sign language club. At first I thought it would be very quiet, however, our teacher is an interesting person. , but I didn’t expect that teacher is a very interesting person. Though she can’t speak , she delivered her thought seriously with her facial expression and body language to us. Teacher’s funny action made everyone joyous laugh. In two hours class of club was filled with joyous laughter.

This Wednesday I followed my club to Jhong Siao elementary school to teach children sign language. I woke up to prepare at five o’clock. It is so cold on early morning. Even though I wanted to go bed to sleep. When at a thought of seeing children, my spirit had come. By a song matching sign language, we let children learn while they listen to the music. All of them learned intently, and interacted passionately with us. And a naïve boy asked me how to represent “break up”. Wow! Is the children nowadays all early-maturing ?

I will go to Jhong Siao elementary school next Wednesday. Now, I can’t wait to see the children again.


1. What club do you participate in?

2. What do your club do?

3. Do you have any special experiences?


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Student Post: A Tour Back to hometown, Penghu

I haven’t visited my hometown for a decade. When it comes up to my hometown, it is always a long story. My grandparents used to live in Penghu; an island located at the western ocean of Kaohsiung. However, my grandparents decided to immigrate to Kaohsiung since my dad was seven. I have barely memories related to Penghu in my childhood.

This summer, I got a hard chance to go back to my hometown with my dad. It’s really difficult to express how badly I had expected for this trip. I haven’t gone back for TEN years! You could tell from my dad’s smiling face. He was definitely excited about it. Though we were only planned to stay there for three days, we tried our best to visit as many places as we could. We’ve gone to the old temple where my grandpa used to work at. My dad almost bursted in tears while chatting to my grandpa’s apprentice. Lots and lots of memories couldn’t stop emerging through my dad’s mind.

We went fishing with friends’ of my dad. It was so cool to drive a boat on and do

some fish catching. The seafood there was extremely delicious. I almost bursted into tears when I ate the juicy squid and fresh fish. Moreover, I made some traditional desserts on my own. The dessert only appears during the wedding in Penghu. It took an hour to make and fried. Anyway, the dessert tasted just like paradise. Last but not the least, swimming in the unpolluted ocean in my Sponge Bob swimming suit. I was too excited while swimming that I forgot to took a picture of my lovable swimming suit. I will make sure to picture it and show all of you next time in my trip.

Three days of visiting, my dad and I discovered lots of precious memories of our childhood. Penghu has changed a lot. And so do us. I enjoyed the process chatting with the elder and to relax my body and soul. It was surely an unforgettable trip. Hope to go back to my hometown real soon!

圖片1Traditional fried dessert

圖片2Popular Mastu temple of Penghu

圖片3Fresh squid



1. Have you ever tried to understand where you come from?

2. Do you think you have learned from the memories gained in your hometown?

3. What are the differences between traveling aboard and traveling in your hometown?


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Student Post: Some Taiwanese Taboo about hotel

Will you notice any taboo when you traveling? There are some taboos about travel.

1. Don’t chose the room that is close to the ends. It is said that the room that is close to the ends will gather ghost. And your check in might disturb their domain. It’s easy for you to get in trouble with those angry ghost.

2. Knock before you get into the room. It is basic manner that you enter someone’s room, right? So it’s obvious that you have to knock the door before live in the room. And don’t forget to lean your body to let the invisible move out.

圖片15(photo source:

3. Don’t sleep in front of the mirror. According to the elder, if you wake up in the night and the mirror is in front of you then your soul will fly away. But more practical, the reason is you will frightened by you appearance in the dusky room.

The taboo mentioned above, those who believe will believe and the others just ignore them. But the main point is when you travel it’s better for you to be careful any time.


1. Do you believe in the taboo mentioned above?

2. What else should you be aware of when you travel?

3. Do you have any special experience about travel? If yes, please describe them.


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Student Post: Travel around Taipei City by MRT

Taipei City is the capital of Taiwan. Every year, many people (including foreigners) visit here to experience the culture of Taipei. Long time ago, people only could use bus or rent a car to travel around Taipei City; however, time flies. Nowadays, we have the MRT as transportation in Taipei City.


            image resource:

        Taipei MRT is one of most convenient way to travel around Taipei. There are different kinds of routes in Taipei MRT system, for example, Tamsui Line ( Tamsui to Xindian), Bannan Line ( Yongning to Nangang), and so on. It take to you most of tourist attraction in Taipei, for instance, Tapei 101, Longshan Temple, Shilin Night Market, etc.



        In Taipei City, you can experience the local culture, such as night markets, temples, delicious food and snacks. Besides, the one of the most famous point which attracts foreigners is friendly people. Taiwanese are very kind to everyone who comes to Taipei; foreigners come with pleasure. Using MRT, you can roam whole Taipei City and experience all of these things.


Image resource:


1. Do you know what MRT means?

2. Would you like to travel around Taipei City by the MRT?

3. After reading this article, do you think the MRT is a good transportation?


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Student Post: Working Holiday

Working Holiday? Is that just earn the money and do nothing back? I think is not.When 2013 summer vacation, I have a chance to go Switzerland for working holiday.In there I had stayed in three different family for two month, they are all very kind to me.

In the first family is in St. Gallen for two weeks, they have a very big chicken farm, each day they earn 4,000 eggs, we usually wake up at six, after breakfast we go into the chicken farm to pick a lot of eggs and classify of big and small. In the afternoon we go there apple farm to pick the small one out, this will be apple be more bigger then they will sell a good price. In the weekend, they usually went nearby the biggest lake “Bodensee”, in there I can see the Germany is in the opposite, and Swiss always swimming in the lake.


At the travel of the final, I stay in Olten for one month, in here they let me milking by myself, I think that is very unforgettable experience for me, and when I stay here, their national day is 8/1, so I’m very happy I can come Switzerland in the summer vacation.

In their national day, they need to preparing the party to welcome the villagers, and my host family’s brother need to performed the Switzerland tradition musical instrument, is called ”Alphorn”.


When weekend they took me to the Switzerland famous mountain “Schilthorn”, in 1967 “007” movie had been here to taken the view, and in here the special thing is there restaurant, it will turn around in 55 minute, in there still have snow, but is not snowing :(

Final, I think the Working Holiday is the unforgettable experience, you can go with them by their way, I think is very good to know what they doing and thinking.


1. Do you want Working Holiday by yourself?

2. Which country you most want to go for Working Holiday?

3. What things you think you can get in the Working Holiday?


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Student Post: Chongqing food

Chongqing, a popular  tourist city famous for its pungent and spicy food, as well as many historical tourist attractions. This city attracts more than 200 million people every year. No matter which place in Chongqing travelers decide to visit, Chongqing food is always what they would love to try.

As a local student in Chongqing, I’d like to share my favorite local food with you.

Talking about Chongqing food, the first thing comes into my mind is absolutely the hotpot. Hotpot was originated from the quays of Chongqing. In the old days, boat trackers in Chongqing were very poor and they were so hungry after one day’s work. So they bought some giblets which are much more cheaper than meat, and put them into boiled water with chili and pepper. Now it’s becoming Chongqing people’s favorite food. Wherever Chongqing people go, they would miss hot pot and the atmosphere eating with friends and families so much.  If you want to experience the life of the Chongqing locals, just go and try the hotpot.

圖片11Photo source:

Recent years, Chongqing’s grilled fish appeals to more and more young people. It’s not as spicy as hotpot but it adds more spices which make this dish flavorful. Because of the crispy fish skin and the juicy fish meat inside, I believe it will be more liked by travelers who cannot eat too spicy food. So if you cannot eat spicy food, don’t worry too much, you can still find the yummy Chongqing food which suits you most.

圖片12Photo source:

After talking so much about Chongqing food, I just can’t wait to eat them again! Hope you can go to Chongqing one day and enjoy the delicious food I introduced above.J


1. Do you like spicy food?

2. Do you know anything about Chongqing before?

3. Would you like to travel to Chongqing?

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