Summer Vacation!


I hope everyone has had a great year!  Have a fantastic summer vacation!  See you next semester :)


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End of the semester!

I hope everyone is doing alright, and I hope you aren’t too stresed out :)  Remember just another week and a half and then it will be summertime!

Here are a couple videos about exams, stress, and a silly one to help you relax:

(put the YouTube English subtitles on for this one as the man’s accent is strong)



1. What do you do to relax at the end of the semester?

2. Do you feel like you learn anything from final exams/presentations, or are they just stressful experiences?

3. Do you prefer to write an exam or give a presentation?

4. If you were a teacher how would you evaluate your student’s learning? (exams, presentations, interviews, other ways)



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Student Post: Cécile Corbel

The house was decorated with beautiful furniture and flowers. The yard was planted with a variety of plants. Everyone will be attracted with this beautiful scene, and you can almost smell the scent of flowers and herbs while you are imagining you were the character that lived in this house. That was my first impressions of the film ‘The Borrower Arrietty’. Thanks for Cécile Corbel, who takes responsibility of the soundtrack, makes me feel this.


(Cécile Corbel’s Single ‘Arrietty’s Song’ album Front cover)

Cécile Corbel is a French singer and Celtic harp player. After watching the film ‘Miyazaki’s Spirited Away’, she becomes a fan of Studio Ghibli, and has many inspirations from it. After her Songbook 2 was finished, she sent this album to Studio Ghibli with her hearty thanks. As a result, she became a composer of the film ‘The Borrower Arrietty’. Cécile Corbel is good at many languages, she can sing in French, Breton, Irish, English and so on. This is her first time to challenge to sing in Japanese. With her sweet voice, excellent playing skill, and ethnic elements, she creates the most fantastic music and makes this film success.

Cécile Corbel’s music is impressive. Because she has inspirations from ancient ballads and legend, her music are filled with mysterious atmosphere. For me, Cécile Corbel is just like a red-hair fairy. When I listen to her music, I feel that I am in a fairyland.

Innocence (from songbook 2)


Mary (from songbook 2)

It is a song for commemorating Mary Read. Mary Read was born in England and she is a famous female pirate. Cécile Corbel imagines there was a man who loved Mary, waiting for her, but Mary liked to adventure everywhere.



1. Do you Know Cécile Corbel? How do you think about her music?

2. Have you ever watched the film‘The Borrower Arrietty’? Do you love this film? Why or Why not?

3. Do you like ethnic music? Why or Why not?


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Student Post: Badminton! Amazing Sport!

Have you ever played or watched badminton before? This sport is so fascinating to attract people play with.

To win in badminton competition, players need to employ a wide variety of strokes in the right situations. These range from powerful jumping smashes to delicate tumbling net returns. Often rallies finish with a smash, but setting up the smash requires subtler strokes. For example, a netshot can force the opponent to lift the shuttlecock, which gives an opportunity to smash. If the netshot is tight and tumbling, then the opponent’s lift will not reach the back of the court, which makes the subsequent smash much harder to return.

Deception is also important. Expert players prepare for many different strokes that look identical, and use slicing to deceive their opponents about the speed or direction of the stroke. If an opponent tries to anticipate the stroke, he may move in the wrong direction and may be unable to change his body momentum in time to reach the shuttlecock.

There are a lot of amazing spotlight in badminton competition! Let me introduce down below:



Mixed doubles:

Badminton need Rackets and Shuttlecock, also need a space inside door. It is  a sport not hard as video look like, it is full of interesting! What are you waiting for? Just try it!

The reference of information:



1. Have you ever watched any badminton game before?

2. Did you like badminton? Why or why not?

3. What is your favorite badminton stars?


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Student Post: DIY

Do you like ‘DIY’?  Are you always anxious for what is the gift you intended to give?  Maybe a DIY CARD is your good choice.

You must tell me that ‘I  don’t have any talent in art’ or ‘All I have is stupid hands.’ Today I will introduce some good website and they will change your mind.

First, I want to talk about a elementary, the MR. PRINTABLES.


You can find many cards that are really easy to make here. Just likethis one.


Isn’t it is cool? And it’s really easy. All you need to do is print the photo out and cut it down. Then, you will get a special card make by your self.

Maybe you will say’ OH~ That is to simple to me,’ so I’ll introduce another website, CANON—CREATIVE PARK


Here, you can find more works and most of they are more difficult, but I think that can’t daunt you. Besides cards, you can find many useful things in this website. For example, do you believe this potted is made of papers?


It’s really like a true one, right? There are also have a lots of interesting things that waiting you to find out.

Last one, I want to show you a video.

In her channel, you can watch a lot of way to make a card which like you can buy in shops. But the card is more refinement, it need more skills and tools. So you can find some ideas in the video first, and accumulate experience.

DIY is very interesting that if you start to do it, you will be desperately. Hope you like these websites and they are useful to you.


1. Do you like DIY?

2. What kind do you like most?

3. In this websites, which work you most want to try?


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Student Post: Godzilla

Have you seen the movie “Godzilla”? If you’re interested in disaster movies than you have to go and check it out as soon as possible!


Godzilla is translated from a Japanese word “Gojira”, a gigantic monster, with the first syllable pronounced like the word “god”, and the rest rhyming with “gorilla”, Godzilla was described as a cross between gorilla and whale in one planning stage. In this way, Godzilla is a kind of god, which keeps the balance of the ecosphere.

The movie Godzilla in 2014 is sampled from the original film that made from Ishiro Honda in 1954 where Godzilla first appeared. Godzilla has numerous generations. The primary Godzilla is a giant monster that destroyed the city and damaged the ecology, till the fourth and fifth generation Godzilla becomes a kind of protector god of Japanese.

In the film, Godzilla 2014, there are not only Godzilla a protector god, but two more “kaiju” which jeopardize people’s safety. So in my view Godzilla 2014 is a similar film from “Pacific rim”, but it display better. Because of the film people might consider the Godzilla film series as anti-nuclear meaning movies, furthermore a counter-attack from the nature. However it tells people to treasure the natural sources.


1. What’s your first image of Godzilla?

2. Do you believe that there’re some creatures like Godzilla living in our world?

3. Compare the film “Godzilla” with “Pacific rim” which do you like more?

4. Have you seen the other Godzilla’s film?


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Student Post: Canon vs Nikon: which DSLR should you choose?

It is no secret that Nikon and Canon are the two largest players in the DSLR market today. These two companies were the first to make the leap from film to digital, and their initial presence in the market make them the dominant players. And it is normal that you are torn between the two especially if it is your first time to buy your DSLR. Here is a comparison between the two systems to help you choose the perfect camera and lens combination that will meet your needs.

Purchasing a DSLR camera for the first time is not simply buying a camera; it is actually buying into a camera system. When you buy a flash, extra lenses or other add-ons you can take these accessories to your next camera, hence it is never a small factor.

Canon and Nikon remain the two biggest players in the DSLR market, having launched a veritable feast of new cameras over the past couple of years.

If you pay attention to digital DSLR press releases, you’ll quickly see a pattern: when either Canon or Nikon announce a new camera designed to capture some niche aspect of the market, the opposing company also announces a camera that is competitive.

The age-old question of which brand to side with can be a tricky one to answer, but rest assured you’ll finish watching this guide with a fuller idea of the best solution for your needs.


1. Why do you like photography?

2. What do you most like to take photographs of and why?

3. Canon vs Nikon: which DSLR should you choose?


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