Student Post: Welcome To Hualien

Hualien, located between the Pacific Ocean and the Central Mountain Range, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Taiwan. Also, it is famous for natural resources. For instance, Taroko National Park, Chishingtan Beach, and Ching-Shui Cliff. First, in Taroko Park, you can enjoy its stunning and special platform. It is hard to describe the beauty of the gorge. You might be speechless and still in awe after you visited.

圖片13 (Hualien Taroko National Park)

Second, Chishingtan Beach and scenic area is a famous spot in eastern Taiwan. You can not only take beautiful photos but also enjoy warm breeze in summer. Besides, you can also ride a bike along the bike path by the beach. Or even just chill out at the beach.

圖片14 (Chishingtan Beach)

Finally, Ching-Shui Cliff, located on the section of Suao-Hualien Highway, is seen as one of the most spectacular sights in Taiwan. The cliff is so high and drops almost vertically into the sea. With the special platform, it provides magnificent scenery. Most important of all, you can also appreciate the beauty of the sunrise.

圖片15 (Ching-Shui Cliff)

These have made Hualien become a popular sightseeing spot. So next time you visit Hualien, don’t forget to visit these beautiful and impressive places.


1. Have you ever been to these three places before? If yes, which one do you like the most? If no, which one would you like to visit the most?

2. Aside from these three spots, where would you like to visit in Hualien?

3. What do you think about tourism industry in Hualien? Is it good or bad?(to the economy, environment…)


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Student Post: Hua Ben Jia(花本家)——Sushi Restaurant

When you travel to different places, maybe you will go to well-known restaurant at this place, but sometimes you can try to go to local restaurant. Today I am going to introduce a local restaurant which is called Hua Ben Jia(花本家) at Hualien.


Hua Ben Jia(花本家) is a very cheap restaurant. When I go to there, I always order salmon sushi, braised pork on rice, and mushroom soup. Their sushi is very fresh; I used to be a person doesn’t like raw food until I ate sushi at this restaurant. Their braised pork on rice is very delicious and has a large quantity. I like to drink mushroom soup, but some of my best friends they like to order miso soup, both soups are very fresh and sweet. All of these meals cannot cost you lots of money. On the contrary, you can enjoy high quality food. Eating is a pleasure, we have right to enjoy the delicious food also we can enjoy the low prices



1. Have you ever go to Hua Ben Jia(花本家) before? If not, do you want to go there?

2, Have you ever eaten sushi before? If not, do you want to try?

3. Do you like Japanese food? Why or why not?


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Student Post: New Zealand

I want to talk about New Zealand because it is my favorite country

New Zealand is long and narrow. It comprises by two main lands, the North Island and the South Island. The North Island is famous for its geothermal and hot springs. And The South Island is famous for its fjord and glacier. Taiwanese travelers prefer the South Island than the North Island because the fjord and the glacier are the scenery that Taiwan doesn’t have.


Wellington is New Zealand’s capital, but the most populous city is Auckland.

And there are some famous cities in the North Island, Rotorua, Taupo, Hamilton and Napier. Rotorua is famous for its Maori and geothermal. Lake Taupo is the largest lake by surface area in New Zealand, and the second largest freshwater lake. In Hamilton, there is a Waitomo Cave. Waitome cave is a stalactite cave, and it has firefly inside, it’s very beautiful. Napier is also a popular tourist city, with a unique concentration of 1930s Art Deco architecture.

Queenstown and Christchurch are popular city in the South Island. When you go to the Queenstown, you must play the skydive and the luge. Christchurch Cathedral is a representative of the era that England colonize New Zealand and it is in the Christchurch.

New Zealand is really a pure and beautiful place. I have been there for one month, until now, I can’t forget everything in New Zealand. Except New Zealand, there are no countries can attract me.


1. Which country do you want to go?

2. After watching the video, do you want to add New Zealand to your countries list?

3. Do you think New Zealand’s scenery, air and environment are similar to Hualien?

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Student Post: Job Interviews

What should I wear on jobs interviews?

What are taboos of jobs interviews?

How make the interviewer has a great impression on me?

What more can I do to promote my superiority on jobs interviews?

Above of all, which are interviewees worried about. As an old saying goes, begun is half bone. Doing a good jobs interview means we have a good superiority. There are some advice about jobs interviews.

(1.) Have a good mood and confidence.

It’s an important thing. Smile can make you release and confidence can make you more attractive but do not have overconfidence.

(2.) Wear a groomed and well-dressed clothing.

Fine feathers make fine birds.

(3.) Do not do a petty action.

It will leave a bad impression.

(4.) Stop complaining about previous company.

Interviewers will not only give rise to suspect if you also complain their company behind them back but also doubt your communication and interpersonal skill.

(5.) Promote yourself reasonable.

Let interviewers know what your advantages such as your logistic skill, an ability of deal with matters and personal traits. It will make a great impression on interviewers.

(6.) Ask for advice with a teachable heart.

If you are not admitted. Don’t too be depressed! Consult interviewers what you can improve and next time try to better than ever!


1. Did you ever attended in jobs interview?

2. Do you have other jobs interview notice?

3. What’s the significance of jobs interview?


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Student Post: Photography


Do you like photography ? Whether recording life , food , tourism memorial , landscape , or just random take a photo , photography exists around us at any time . When you see a beautiful or interesting things , just take your cell phone or camera , you can take pictures anytime , anywhere . And can be quickly uploaded to facebook or blog to share with friends . But photography has a deeper meaning ,have you ever seriously to experience before?

Unlike the previous , photography now is a cheap, convenient, and easily accessible recreational activities . You do not need to spend much money to buy expensive equipment , also not need to learn difficult photography technique , just using common camera , you can also shoot very nice photo . But if you want to shoot more professional photos , there are several ways to refer . you can buy a single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) , it’s more powerful function and can shoot more special effect . You can join the photography club , make a lot of friends they also like photography , exchange photography skills . or you can visit the photography exhibition , appreciate professional Photographer’s photo work to learn more knowledge and improve your skill .


I like travel , but no have a exact destination , just riding a motorcycle or bicycle wandering , and I will bring my camera , when I see the beautiful place or interesting things , I’ll stay there , press the shutter , recorded it in the photo . This is my favorite thing to do , also the way makes me really relaxed , Just press the shutter the moment , I can express the dream , the thinking in my mind .


Photography is an art , maybe some scenery just a moment , but you can use the camera , let this scene exist in photo forever , each photo is a story . Hualien is a good place , and Dong Hwa is the most beautiful university in Taiwan . What are you waiting for ? Take out your camera , take a picture , write a story .




1. Do you like photography ?

2. What kind of topics do you like to shoot ?

3. Have you ever visited the photography exhibition ?

4. If you can , where are you most want to go to take a picture ?


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Student Post: My Volunteer Experience

When I studied in the senior high school, I joined the service club in our school. Because of the club, I have the chance to be a volunteer. Most people in the club have the volunteer experience before. However, it was my first time to be a volunteer, so I felt nervous and worried about whether I will do something wrong or not. Fortunately, our club gave us a lot of information about volunteer courses and the friends I met in the club helped me a lot.

I want to share an unforgettable volunteer experience I had before. On the sunny Sunday, we got up very early and went to the place where the activity was held. The organizer prepared some prizes for the activity such as pencil, eraser, and notebook. At first, I really worried about whether these prizes can catch their eyes. To my surprise, they liked the prizes and I heard their parents told them that they can use these prizes to study hard. At the end of the activity, we saw a little boy collect the bottled waters. Our teacher asked him why he wanted these water. He told that he lived with his grandmother nearby. However, there is no drinking water in their house. Our teacher gave him several bottles of water and bread.

Through this volunteer experience, I was very shocked by the shortage of this town and I really hoped I can have the chance and more abilities to help them or the people who needed help in the future.


1. Have you ever been a volunteer before?

2. Have you ever joined any service club before?

3. What did you learn from the volunteer experience?

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Student Post: Travel

I love to travel. In my opinion, the meaning of travel is to find something new. I always remember a wonderful trip in Lanyu one summer vacation when I was eighteen. That was a really special experience because it was a trip by myself.

Lanyu is an aboriginal small island. It is filled with many stories and friendly people. Because I had limited money , I could only stay two days in Lanyu. I couldn’t waste any time! After putting my luggage at the hotel, I rode a motorcycle to explore the whole  island.

Lanyu is extremely beautiful! I loved the coral-reef coast in the sunshine. I loved the special aboriginal culture, and I also loved the slow paced lifestyle. I went swimming in the ocean, seeing a lot of tropical fish playing around the coral reef. I ate a flying fish meal with yams, potatoes, and taros. They were staple food in Lanyu. They were not quite delicious, but I loved to eat them. I got up very early to see the sunrise. When the sun slowly climbed up from the sea horizon, I felt so touched. I found that the sun was just like an egg yolk. After watching the sunrise, I went to eat a wonderful breakfast.

A travel just by myself, on one hand, sometimes makes me feel afraid and lonely. While on the other hand, it is a great opportunity to overcome such a pessimistic feeling. I can even try to enjoy it. During the lonely trip, I can learn to grow up and become an independent girl. I discover that the meaning of travel is not only to find something new, but also to become a brave and independent person whom I really want to be.


1. Have you ever been to Lanyu, or the other nearby island?

2. Do you like sunrise, or like sunset better?

3. In your opinion, what is the meaning of travel?

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